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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The pickin's have been lush

We held the regular poker game in the hut last night. The same seven of us have played for many years, in several locations now, but we always come back to the hut. The gods of fortune smiled, and I won $63. That's a record for me -- and definitely one of the highest in the history of our low-stakes game. Of course, the true reward was enjoying the Mrs.' cooking and spending quality time with friends we really like. But hey, winning 63 bucks is not a bad thing, either. Hand after hand, it seemed, I couldn't lose. I was in some sort of zone.

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I have also enjoyed some good success as of late, however I have not been nearly as successful as you in building long term relationships at the tables where I play. And if I called the person cooking us food a "Mrs." he would break both my arms.

Congrats, Jack! Now you are nearly halfway to the total tax your household will be charged for the new arts funding scheme!

Not much beats being flush with victory, except love & longstanding friendships, that's fer shur!

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