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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Swallow your coffee before clicking on this link

Because it will come out your nose when you take a look at the first graph on this story. Viral, here it comes.

When you stop laughing, though, you realize that it's closer to the truth than the second one.

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"Used Goods Arbitrage..."

Too close to true.

They missed, "Undocumented Pharmaceutical Sales" and "Net Worth Redistribution Specialists".

What: no "Cleaning Out Mom and Dad's 401(k) Accounts?"

Seriously, what the hell is "Central City" supposed to entail? Or is this some code phrase like "creative class"?

I think it means "City Hall flacks and planners."

If that's the case, Jack, it's far, far too small on that graph. By at least half.

Yay! Huge job growth in my field!
Just need to get some facial piercings and I'll be employable again.

The report says Portland had "Nearly flat city job growth since 2000."

What to do?
Obvious answer: project 147,000 new jobs in 25 years.

Quick build a few more condo bunkers and streetcar lines!


Won't they be needing additional stakeholders and stakeholder helpers??

46,480 people will be working at Baloney Joe's?

(Just dated myself with that one.)

Old Zeb, Baloney Joe will need to be resurrected to handle the influx of pedophiles... ah, memories .

Hey Ex-Bartender. No need for the piercing. Give this look a go...

Slick back the hair, roll your own and you'll be set! Bonus if you have an old motorcycle jacket. It's great because it doesn't require any permanent mods.

As for CENTRAL CITY. That's the social work nonprofit type entity that runs a lot of the single room occupancy and transitional housing projects in Portland. Here is their website. Central City Concern:

Jobs not represented: putting coffee in containers for a living,collecting signatures for petitions and pet service/supplies.

Prediction: The dearth of industrial acreage will be far greater than the predicted 800 acreage shortfall as residential zoning and bike lanes creep further into these remaining pockets.

Besides the fact there is no reasoning behind these numbers besides the august authority of METRO who knows more than we do - We're going to have 46K more jobs downtown?

Considering the largest employers downtown are govt (CoP, PSU, State of OR and Mult County), that sounds really good.

Isn't there some way we can just jettison these clowns? Like somewher waaaay outside the urban growth boundary?

After I saw the first chart, I was looking forward to the joke chart. I take the bus down Hawthorne every day. Looks pretty realistic to me!

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