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Monday, June 25, 2012

Storm season arrives in Fukushima

The new big worry for the tottering triple-meltdown site: the possibility of tornadoes, like the one that passed through south of there last month.

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Recently, I revisited some comments made in the weeks after Fukushima started, and I found one I made back on March 25th, 2011 to be kind of amusing - although I am embarrassed by how rude I was to our resident science genius, Jim Karlock. Sorry, Jim. Clearly, the magnitude of the tragedy in Japan had gotten to me.

Still, some of my points were spot on, even as I apologize for the obnoxious tone. Let's just say the comment - made a couple of weeks after the tsunamis - has held up better than the roof on Reactor #4. See if you agree:

"Look, we were all pretty stirred up this last couple of weeks watching Japan eat it. Some downplayed the severity here. Jim Karlock took the tone that this was a bunch of hysterical greenies who use every technological problem to criticize nuclear power while coal is so much worse. I said that was like comparing apples to radioactive oranges. The longterm problems of nuclear radiation are in a league of their own and I felt Jim's comments were tone deaf and idiotic.

Insults were exchanged. Basically, it came down to a bunch of people using whatever knowledge they've accumulated in life combined with whatever websites they chose to believe. Throughout Jim Karlock stepped forward to remind us that he had taken science classes in college. He characterized our concerns about the severity of this by repeatedly saying: "Some people will do anything to save the earth - except study science."
Ahh shoot, why not just quote the man:

'JK: I have no expertise in the nuclear field, but know how to read beyond greenie propaganda & how to select which expert to listen to. (For instance anything coming our of any green organization is suspect - same as corporate PR.)

Having paid attention in several science classes helps too.

As they say : some people will do anything to save the earth. Except study science.


Meanwhile my initial reaction made back on the 11th was,
"We are witnessing a true drama more suspenseful than any Hollywood movie. Godzilla was a minor inconvenience compared to this beast."

Two weeks in, things are not getting better - they're getting worse. If I had to guess, I would say that a large piece of land in Japan will be uninhabitable when this is over. In that sense it won't really be over - not for centuries. My opinion is that many people will die from its effects starting with the workers at the plant, but winding through years of cancers, etc...

I'm sorry if my horror at what happened to the people over there, fueled some disrespectful comments early on directed at Mr. Karlock. I should have just waited to see if this was no big deal compared to the deaths from coal - as Mr. Karlock pointed out over and over.

However, now that I've had time to reflect on what has happened, I would like to amend my remarks directed to Mr. Karlock and include this one:

I wish he would take his smug "I know science and you don't" attitude, roll it up into a big fuel-rod shaped object, and shove it up his ass.
Thanks. (March 25th, 2011)"

Once again, Jim, I apologize, but I know you're a man of science and that includes revisiting your analysis later with the additional data. Fukushima was a big deal and it continues to be.

I'd appreciate it if you skipped the bold font (for once) and did something really bold: Admit you were wrong. Thanks.

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