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Friday, June 8, 2012

Rose Festival time

The kids are almost out of school for the summer, but the furnace still comes on in the morning.

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And, it's raining again..

Global Warming!

Hello???!!! summer doesn't begin here till after! the 4th of July.

Still enjoying that "great" NW weather? It's sunny already and will be 80 here today. So glad we no longer live in PDX.

I've switched from warm to cool and back 3 times now.
At least the open bedroom window still cools the room at night.

But mowing really sucks in these conditions.

Fast spring growth and too wet makes mowing a travesty.

We had summer two weeks ago..

This year the weather has been 2 days average and 5 days below average.

If it wasn't for NASA and NOAA "adjusting" the raw temperature data upwards, we would be seeing a general cooling trend in most regions.

I laugh at the ignorance of people stepping outside, licking their finger, waiving it in the air and using that data to deny climate change.

I blame George W. Bush.

Did anybody else come to the same conclusion that Mayor Sammyboy misused and tainted his guaranteed appearance in the in the Grand Floral Parade by promoting and campaigning for his proposed income tax for the arts? The jerk will use any avenue to advance his cockeyed priorities. A better placement for his appearance would have been as a pooper scooper.

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