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Monday, June 11, 2012

Reader poll: Who will be the NBA champs?

We can't say that we blame them after the ridiculous shadow of a season that the American men's pro basketball league just put on, but our readers don't seem too well tuned in to this year's playoffs. In a poll we took last Monday, only 21% of respondents put the Heat and the Thunder in the league finals. Exactly half of the voters said the Spurs would be league champs. Well, now that's over, and so here's another chance to call the outcome of the finals:

Who will be the NBA champs?
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Comments (5)

Not crazy about it, but I think the Heat have an edge.

If Wade can neutralize Westbrook, Lebron's a little too good a defender for Durant to go nutz on. Plus Bosh is way better than Ibaka on the offensive end of the floor.

OK in 4 games.

Can we get a do-over for the draft please?

Would have wanted OKL to win of course, but betting on Miami. My favorite team color is dollar bill green after all.

Seriously? The Devils are hanging by a thread in the Stanley Cup Finals, and you're talking NBA.
I am more than dissapointed.

Right-O, Tom D. -- But, hanging by a cut-doctor's thread, you mean. The Devils lost their focus and got shell-shocked by a 3-goal major penalty barrage by the Kings' woeful power play squad who were energized by Bernier's thuggish boarding of Rod Scuderi:


More proof for "Bog's Ugliness of Game 6 Theorum."

Good for the Kings. First Stanley Cup ever there. 45 years waiting. Set many playoff records along their way in the toughest pro sports championship to accomplish. And they did it by winning 16 out of just 20 games. Congrats to spectacular goalie Jonathan Quick, who won the Conn Smythe Trophy as playlets MVP.

OKC is on the same kind of tear. I like them over Miami. I guess in 6 games.

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