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Monday, June 11, 2012

Owie wowie

Here's a spectacular way to waste time. It's a database of all the workers' compensation claims paid out to State of Oregon employees injured on the job from July 2002 through last October. No names, of course, but lots of interesting tales of woe. You can search any particular state agency by sorting in the Policy Name drop-down box.

Some of these jump right out: a $290,000 claim due to chemical inhalation by a lottery field salesperson; $119,000 for repetitive motion injuries suffered by a baker at Oregon State University; $80,000 when somebody at OSU fell and got hurt while trying to restrain a llama; a $37,000 claim arising when a "trainer of foster parents" at Portland State was struck by a "trainee"; a $31,000 pop when a PSU yoga trainer slipped and hurt his or her knee; $15,000 gone when a Justice Department employee got hurt jumping off a desk backward; and $1,800 when a chef for the state legislature fell on some ice.

Readers with more time on their hands than we have, feel free to chime in with any additional finds in the database.

Comments (5)

I don't know why but I went to the amputation category first. There are more than a few missing fingers.

Age: 60-69
Body Part: Finger(s)
Claim paid loss: 3862.57
Date of injury: 9/17/2008
Day of Week: Wednesday
Gender: F
Injury Description: repetitive job duties, trigger finger
Injury Cause: Misc. Causes Cumulative, NOC
Month of Injury: September
Occupation: Office
Tenure: 6-12 Months
Nature: Mult Injuries (physical & psychological)

The 70+ filter is interesting. $10 for job stress and the occupation is "Clean vehicles & run fuel pump". Seven claims from retired OSP troopers, all are for hearing loss. M & F camp hosts (husband & wife?) attacked by a deer on the same day with the same cuts to forearm. She gets $0, he get $437.74.

$ 300 k for a "Lottery Sales Rep"?

Does he get $ 100 /year for 3000 years?

Does he have to get his picture taken in front of a giant, plywood check?

Are they going to deduct immediate lump sum Federal AND State taxes from it BEFORE he gets any money?

How do we know it was HIS ticket?

Does he have to agree to have his photo and name published in order to get paid?

Real lottery winners want to know.

$80,000 for somebody who doesn't know how to restrain a llama? Good grief. Llamas are domesticated animals.

On the other hand, I suppose China's spent a lot more on unsuccessful efforts to restrain the Dali llama....

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