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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One down, three to go

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook spanked Lebron James and Dwayne Wade last night to win the first game of the pro basketball finals. Durant and Westbrook looked like Jordan and Pippen, and the crowd in Oklahoma City reminded us of Portland in 1977. Indeed, the TV announcer remarked that the championship Blazers had the youngest starting five ever in the finals; the Thunder have the second-youngest. The Miami Heat may figure it out and come up with an answer, but they had better hurry. Last night they were shown up by a more athletic, more talented team.

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Battier or D.Wade trying to cover Kevin Durant was - as the former sportscaster Ed Whelan used to say - "a pitiful sight."

The Miami Heat is more like the Miami Linament this morning. Heh heh heh.

It was basketball poetry last night.

Perhaps this should be a lesson in putting too much stock in team "workouts" for potential draftees.

Apparently Martel Webster looked killer in a Blazer workout and Paul Allen forced the issue.

The problem with Miami is Lebron is the best play-maker and the best scorer. So unless he passes to himself, they have no chance.

You just had to make the Jordan reference didn't you.

I actually had a couple of MJ flashbacks watching Kevin last night. The one dunk where he started from about the free throw line. Wow. This guy is the real deal x 2.

I just realized that for the first time since 1977, I didn't watch a single Blazer game or any NBA game this year. I've already given up on MLB and NFL and my interest in college football is dwindling. Where to next? (don't say soccer, running around for an hour and a half with no scoring is pretty boring).

The crowd in Oklahoma City is all white, top to bottom and all around.
I didn't see any abo kin from the Reservation there.

The announcers, on behalf of the TV 'industry,' are bent on
1) redeeming the HUGE TV 'investment' in Lebron 'celebrity,' and
2) extending affairs 7 games and maximum ad sales.
(Disney/ABC blaring on its Summer pilot episodes for Fall primetime contention.)

Ah, the excitement of athletic competition, pills of victory, the enmity in the Heat.

"Where to next?"

Don't watch. Do! Play!

Am I the only one uncomfortable with the crowd all wearing the same shirts? It reminds me of the creepy opening ceremony China put on during the Olympics.

Bill -

Only when the crowd goes all North Korean on us and starts creating images of our mighty leaders (you know like images of coca-cola and new cars) should you be scared.

Take that back, starting getting scared now - it can't hurt...

Who noticed the fans. My eyes were on Durant and Westbrook.

Durant was obviously great but so was Westbrook. The guy is so fast it's practically impossible to guard him.

Was it just me, or were the refs calling the game in LeBron's favor to a ridiculous extent? It seemed like any time he went to make a shot they'd whistle the OKC player even when the replay showed no contact whatsoever, and he flat out mowed down Collison while he was clearly outside the restricted area. When this goes back to Miami I have a feeling that the refs will do their darnedest to extend the series out a bit.

Bill: I liked the fans in the orange jackets. They stood out in the Thunder trim colors. It all looked vaguely like some dystopian revival. Fortunately the game was great. Up 13 in the first half, lose by double digits. Now Miami has a sense of what happened to Dallas, LA and SA.

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