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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Obama sells out some more

If he goes down in November, we'll cry, but not too hard:

Under the agreement currently being advocated by the Obama administration, American corporations would continue to be subject to domestic laws and regulations on the environment, banking and other issues. But foreign corporations operating within the U.S. would be permitted to appeal key American legal or regulatory rulings to an international tribunal. That international tribunal would be granted the power to overrule American law and impose trade sanctions on the United States for failing to abide by its rulings.

The terms run contrary to campaign promises issued by Obama and the Democratic Party during the 2008 campaign.

Even Wyden's acting p.o.'d.

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That's back to back days of stories about the consolidation of power outside the framework of national sovereignty.

I had a cable access show in the second term of the Bush administration, so I used to talk to some of the "fringe" types down there about what was coming for America. Frankly, I used to scoff at a lot of it. I've got to say though, they've been right on the money.

I distinctly remember two hosts getting into it because one suggested an Obama presidency would be more of the same if not worse. This post today, certainly backs that up.

President Obama is relying on the lesser of 2 evil strategy, but there comes a time when you can't live with yourself if you vote for somebody this bad.

And it just gets worse: Now there's a big new sex scandal in Washington. That's right. They caught the Senate Banking Committee performing oral sex on Jamie Dimon in the hearings yesterday.

Jack - I hope you'll be crying about how Obama fooled a nation into believing his hype of hope and change and what a heartbreak that was. The reality is pretty scary. A President who would in this instance, hand over American sovereignty to a foreign tribunal that could supersede our laws is unAmerican. As a so-called constitutional lawyer, did he learn about what our country stands for only to subvert it? ABO

It's not about sovereignty. There are these things called treaties. They been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Look into it.

This is about multinational corporations running the White House like a puppet show. You're probably o.k. with that part, and Romney will be even worse.

You are right. "Mitt Romney, has urged the U.S. to finalize the deal as soon as possible."

But sovereingity is still an issue with a tribunal. "While the current trade deal could pose a challenge to American sovereignty, large corporations headquartered in the U.S. could potentially benefit from it by using the same terms to oppose the laws of foreign governments."

There's a lot to dislike about how our government functions, but the secrecy involved makes it easier to be crooked.

Amen. It is funny. The Right hates Obama because they like to claim he is a Left Wing Radical Communist Socialist while the Left is disappointed that he has been a centrist who has played ball way to much with the Republicans and their donors. Of course there is nothing Obama could do short of switching parties (and I am not sure that would work) that would placate the haters on the Right. Especially after their man Bush crapped out. Politics is a dirty business and you have to make deals with people who you would not normally want to make deals with.

Obama is just campaigning for his next job, UN Secretary General...

The lesser of two evils debate breaks down when both choices pledge their allegiance to the devil.

"Lesser of two evils," nuthin'. This is a case of "taste-testing dog crap." (And Bill? The only surprise about the new sex scandal is that we got the prequel with the BP hearings last year, with Rep. Joe Barton asking BP to get it like a big funky sex machine in front of the TV cameras. I keep telling people that not everybody in Texas is as bad as free-range Soylent Green like Barton, but SOMEbody keeps voting that anencephalic into office every two years.)

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