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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nuke "die-in" for Japan in Portland tomorrow afternoon

They're planning to suggest to the Japanese powers that they ought to leave their nuke plants turned off until the earthquake danger passes -- in other words, indefinitely.

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Nuclear power plants? Never trusted them- ever........humans are in charge.

It is not practical or cost effective to not restart the undamaged reactors. If for no other reason they need the electrical power to jump start their economy so they can take advantages of alternatives, or to install newer safer reactors.

"Let us start up these unsafe reactors so that we can replace them with something safer" - we already know how that approach will settle out.

Get real.

Big spike reported on radiation monitor in Fukushiima Dai Ichi reactor 3 today. Just like during early part of disaster when they cut their announced release data to half of what it actually was, Tepco says technical problem with detector equipment. Sure. Right.

Also recently reported: US readings showed heavy radiation blown to NW of Fukushima in initial crisis. Tepco and Japanese gov't had this information, but evacuated people from immediate Fukushima area to areas NW. They say didn't have the info. US says it was delivered. Right. Sure.

Yes, we should really let the people who have been managing Fukushima have more nukes to play with. Sure. Right. Whatever you say.

Here's a scary thought, Nuclear reactors are built by the lowest bidder.

dyspeptec -Scary statements like "Big spike reported on radiation monitor" offer no context, and I doubt you even know, or understand what, or how it was measured, because that makes a difference, as to the degree of contamination.

phil - Alarmist Statements like, "Nuclear reactors are built by the lowest bidder." don't serve ANY purpose, because they don't address the FACT that certain standards must still be met by whoever is awarded the contract.

The skeptics are continually judging older technology by today's standards, without regard to changes in technology, Cost, and of regulation that slows the advancement, and integration of new technology, without any measure of whether the regulation is relevant, or effective. They just want regulation for the sake of regulation.

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