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Monday, June 18, 2012

Metro "Opt In" and "Oregon's Kitchen Table" are from same people

We wrote the other day about the new survey site "Oregon's Kitchen Table," which we thought smelled suspiciously like the "Opt In" survey site operated by Portland's "unique" Metro government. Sure enough, it's the same meat byproduct from the same people, as this e-mail message, which we got the day after our post, confirmed:

As if the "smart growth" apartment developer puppets care what you think.

The whole charade is being orchestrated by a p.r. outfit called DHM Research. No doubt it's costing a pretty penny. But if DHM can really create the appearance that the average person in Portland knows and supports what the "planning" cabal is doing, Bicycle Rex and the boys will be so happy they'll probably pay that firm a bonus.

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It might be good for the blood pressure knowing you have a voice in your local government affairs....

Does DHM stand for: Developers Hijacking Millions?

DHM is Tim Hibbitts' pollsters. They're likely handling the number crunching.

They do more than cruncin' numbers. I would guess they have multiple, high dollar contracts with all of the area governments.

On line ensures that face to face opposition will be eliminated.
Any opinions not in line with the BS being shoveled will be deleted and ignored.
And the "Kitchen Table" sounds like a division of the food bank.

Polls may be showing the disgust the people have about the agenda here,
so now they want to seem all folksy and pull up a chair to chat in the kitchen.
These are not people I care to sit in the kitchen with, think many of us have a clue what this is about. Another cute plan to "survey" the real folks, a means to an end for further continuing to screw our livability. They can then claim, if you don’t participate that you had your opportunity, as this time they are really reaching out for your input.


How do you think we're doing? Are you (a) happy (b) very happy (c) very, very happy?

Davis Hibbits Midgall -- DHM -- is a political polling and consulting firm. Tim Hibbits is a pretty straight shooter. Adam Davis is the political one. He was on a list here in Jack's blog last week as a member of the usual Goldschmidt contingent.

Umpire says "I would guess they have multiple, high dollar contracts with all of the area governments."
You bet they do. Davis did L.O.'s streetcar survey and couldn't even spin the results, so overwhelming they were. Even for his friend, the mayor.

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