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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Life in Oregon

With and without health insurance.

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Our Golden Civilization has treaded into very dangerous territory because for a Society to thrive, 2 things are a must:

1. Proper Medical/Health Care

2. Education

In SW Portland and Tigard, health-care co-ops are becoming popular, although in the case of the Tigard operation, the clinic is privately-held and saves money by not having to deal with insurance paperwork, etc.

I used to be a new, but successful, attorney in Eastern Oregon but was derailed by illness.

Now I beg and plead to get on the Oregon Health Plan so I can get enough care to stabilize enough to go back to work. In the mean time I sit at a berry stand 2 days a week and sell produce for my friends. I tried 3 days a week but it was more than i could handle.

Do you think this is a productive use of my time? Do you think the US Government or Citigroup or anyone else will ever get paid the (now) $200k in student debt? Or how about the $20k+ in medical debt?

I may be incredibly biased, but I cannot fathom how proper health care is not linked logically and politically to economic productivity. Bad care, your competitiveness on the global scale takes a hit. Can it really be seen any other way?

Right now I am nothing but a drain, when I could be so much more. Am I a good example of what's wrong with the system? Am I just an anecdote? I dunno. I sure hope not.

All I know is that last Sunday I collapsed at a gas station. Attendants wanted to call an ambulance, but those paramedics and emergency personnel have to make a living. They pick me up and they won't get a dime, at least not any time soon.

Why do I care? Because when you are this sick and afraid of death you hold on to things that are important. For me, I do my best to not be that burdensome a****le everyone bitches about (but rarely knows personally).

I am glad that there is a study quantifying the differences. I am disappointed that study -- or the reporter -- chose to cite the lack of savings based on one year's expenditures. Preventative maintenance is by goal a long term investment. You won't see a savings early in the life of a piece of capital equipment used in a factory by performing PM. It pays over the long term. Like brushing your teeth.

Brushing your teeth twice daily uses up valuable time. And you go to the dentist for a cleaning every six months. So where is the benefit? Ah, long term. Healthy gums mean you keep your teeth longer. Twelve years old kids don't need dentures if they practice poor oral hygiene; the effects are felt later in life.

You don't lose your toes or your eyesight the first week you are diagnosed with diabetes. Nor even the first time you miss or underdose yourself with insulin. The toll of poor health maintenance is extracted later.

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