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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lessons learned from Fukushima = none

It's amazing how much the nucle-heads get away with in Japan. And don't kid yourself -- it's no different here.

Meanwhile, the cooling systems at the Fuku 4 spent fuel pool are shut down. But hey, no worries, everything's fine.

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I'm wondering how many volunteers are responding to the Oregonian's article and rushing to the coast to help pick up Japanese debris that is currently (no pun intended) being cast up there. Between lingering radioactivity, alien wharf-dwelling invasive species, etc. Fukushima is simply the gift that keeps on giving.

I doubt that the stuff on the Oregon beaches was exposed to radiation. The reactors didn't blow for a couple of days after the big stuff was washed out to sea. I'm more worried about the fish that we'll be eating in the years ahead.

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