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Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's all coming together

They're starting up the nukes again in Japan. And Mother Nature's starting the earthquakes back up. What a combination.

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Please, no more tsunamis. I cannot watch another minute of nervous little enviros scrubbing the barnacles and bunions off of every piece of Japanese debri washing ashore. My God, such overkill does nothing to win over the hearts and minds of those less interested in saving the planet.

As I mentioned here yesterday, they're starting some of the nuke plants back up. But hey, they're the government. They're there to help.

Those pesky hard choices

Not hard for me. Japan can survive without nuclear power. But many people in Japan will not survive with it.

Jack, you're not forced with making the choice. BTW, just how many Japanese have not survived with it so far? Oh yeah. All of them.

Sorry meant "have survived with it so far?" Hate it when I make a snarky typo.

Don't forget the typhoon that's heading for Japan right now.

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