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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In Eugene, "finalist" means "done deal"

The process of hiring a new president at the University of Oregon sure is interesting. The powers that be have forgone all pretense of meaningful input from the faculty and the student body -- naming just a single "finalist," hurrying him onto campus the next day, and scheduling a vote on him by the higher ed board by the end of the week. And finals week, at that.

Michael Gottfredson, the provost at UC Irvine, will be wheeled out for an hour this afternoon in Eugene, and the next time he'll stand in front of a crowd will be on Friday morning, right after the board gives him the UC Nike job. UO Matters has the story well covered here, including some informative comments from folks at Irvine.

Comments (6)

It sure didn't mean "done deal" in the super-regional game against Kent St. last night.

Good job walking the fastest guy on the team - you're one error away from ending your season.

"Dr. Gottfredson’s name was forwarded to me and the State Board of Higher Education by the UO President Search Committee last week. The State Board will be meeting this Friday, June 15, to vote on the appointment."

Nothing like a thoughtful, measured approach with consideration given to a variety of voice and potential applicants.

I'm aware of several criminal justice programs offered at Oregon Colleges but I didn't know U of O had one.

It's a joint degree with Driver's Ed & Athletics. Comes in handy.

That would be the Duck and Cover degree?

I have to correct my earlier reporting. Gottfredson has meetings scheduled all day and part or tomorrow with many faculty leadership groups, in addition to the public meeting. He just did an interview with the student press. And he is coming across as a thoughtful competent experienced administrator with a good grasp of UO's problems and possibilities. Polite, but no BS. We're all in total f***ing shock down here.

The rush-rush nature of this process, and its timing during finals week, are extraordinary nonetheless.

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