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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fuku operator knew big tsunami would be disastrous

It was actually part of the training that newbie plant workers received. Improvements could have been made that might have averted the tragedy. But they would have cost $25 million, and so Tokyo Electric didn't undertake them.

Meanwhile, it's gradually dawning on people that nobody really knows where the radioactive water is going after 15 months of steadily dousing the Fukushima triple meltdown. It's escaping into the ocean, but the leak locations can't even be spotted, much less fixed.

The runaway dock from Japan is scary, but the runaway cesium and strontium is also scary.

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It'll end up in the food chain somewhere, just like wild pigs after Chernobyl.

Who is monitoring? Someone bought off I bet.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda approved the first restart of Japan’s power reactors since last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, a decision that could undermine his political support and force early elections.

Noda declared two reactors at Kansai Electric Power Co. (9503)’s Ohi nuclear plant in Fukui prefecture, western Japan, safe to begin operations, at a Cabinet-level meeting today. The move, which follows approvals from local authorities, ends a month- long spell without atomic power in Japan.

“We will increase our efforts to restore the public’s trust over nuclear safety regulation and atomic energy administration,” Noda said in closing at the ministers meeting, which was opened to reporters.


PS: for those who want to guess, I do not work for the Japanese government, any power agency, nor any nuclear regulatory agency.

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