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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Can we bring pie?

If so, we'd like a front row seat for this guy's speech.

Maybe we should bring two pies -- one for Char-Lie Hales, who answers to his beck and call.

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Were I part of the legislature I'd put forward a bill adding an exemption in the assault and battery statute.

"...Slinging of pie in a public forum is excluded..."

Slinging mud is already protected, so why not pie?

I will buy the pies!

Pork pie perhaps?

From the link: Tickets $45 pp or table of 8 for $400.

I see Homer is still math challenged.

That was the pricing on a couple of his limited partnerships.

Power breakfast?

With Homer?

Ewwww....I don't think I could keep anything down.

Homer is just a "front man", for whom I am not entirely certain, but he is a Faustian character for sure. He who dines with the devil...
I wouldn't waste my time!

How about some gooey cinnamon rolls?

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