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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

At the U of O, the ultimate absurdity

Its graduation speaker this year is Jeffer-Sten Smith. No, we are not making that up.

What should be his theme? Driving while suspended? Passing the New York bar but never being sworn in? Failure to show up for court dates? Getting suspended from the Oregon bar repeatedly for nonpayment of dues? Setting up a rat's nest of tangled political organizations, including one that purports to be a nonprofit charity? Billing the state's taxpayers for rent for an address that also happens to be a campaign office? Being shown the door at a law firm job after a year or two of apparent goldbricking? Hiding behind Daddy?

It speaks volumes about UC Nike that this is whom they're wheeling out to inspire their graduates. And not good volumes.

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And will Charlie Hales be speaking at HIS local school... in Stevenson, WA ? Or has he moved (just for the day) AGAIN?

But it's for the kids...

Someone on a commencement committee somewhere must've dropped the ball, and Smith was a last second grab. Hard to believe they actually pursued him, you know, in a deliberate, this-is-our-guy way.

Who knows? But it is an odd choice, however it came about.

I guess somebody wants to get him elected...

Wow. It's really bad if he was a deliberate choice. I have a hard time believing that, too. That is seriously weak for the state's supposed flagship institution. The Beavs crushed the Ducks on this one: http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2012/mar/first-lady-michelle-obama-deliver-commencement-address-oregon-state-university

I like Roberts quote: "what God would sound like if he had nothing to say". Guess that's what they want the kids to here.

Guess that's what they want the kids to here.

Must be a U of O grad.

I guess somebody wants to get him elected...

He actually had a campaign booth set up in the Erb Memorial Union at UO last week, next to the stairwell heading up to the ballroom. That was kind of odd.

I thought the Erb was a political-free-zone. What gives?

Only Reed or Harvard would have topped that (for suprise and impact). Good for Jeff, though, He is making this competitive. My decision (as a U of O grad) to send my daughter to engineering school at Oregon State is vindicated and I will hear Michelle Obama, Sunday. I shudder at the mere thought of haveing to sit through the blather in Eugene. Bill Clinton's 1988 Democratic Convention Speech comes to mind. Maybe Jeff will touch on who bought the Bus for the Bus Project.

I shudder at the mere thought of haveing to sit through the blather in Eugene.

Must be a U of O grad.

Spellchecker, please.

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