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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ashley's beau also arrested

Authorities say Christopher Rhea was in on the alleged hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence following the fatal hit-and-run on Burnside Street. He was reportedly with Ashley Chavez when they busted her in a Bellingham restaurant parking lot on Friday. That's three people charged in addition to the once-fugitive manslaughter defendant herself. Quite the trail of destruction.

Comments (6)

One typically thinks of the hit-and-run driver as a lone individual with a dark secret. Ashley Chavez chose to spread the joy around.

What's the thinking here?

If they did not run the woman down on purpose -- and it seems they didn't -- isn't it easier to just call 911?

Mike--if she was drunk and ran the lady over, and my guess is was that was drunk, then she was in big trouble had she stayed or left the scene. She decided to flee and take a bunch of people down with her.

Man. This lady is sure screwing a lot of people.

Imagine the scene. Your girl shows up, hysterical, asking for help. You can either

A) Tell her to shove off or
B) Wear your underpants on the outside like superman and try to save the day.

Most people make the wrong decision, or at least the one most likely to screw themselves over.

Jo - Ashley's friends and relatives have brains and free will, just like she does. They all get to make their own stupid and tragic decisions. At least the friends' and relatives' lack of judgement didn't kill anyone.

Not sure how you were addressing my comment.

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