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Friday, June 1, 2012

Ashley busted in Bellingham

The hit-and-run manslaughter suspect was about 25 minutes from the Canadian border, reportedly with a male driver.

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If there ever was a case for the denial of bail in a DUII manslaughter case this is it. This chick is seriously crazy and capable of pretty much anything. She's pretty much begging to have the book thrown at her, and the book I'm talking about is hopefully hollowed out with a big chunk of lead in it.

She's probably living in extreme fear. That feeling isn't going to change any time soon. Once her buddy went down and they got the car, she should have given herself up. Failure to do so is going to cost her in Multnomah County.

I wonder who dropped the dime on her.

Chavez would not have made it through the CDN border, at least at a border crossing, and the drones up here are pretty good at spotting illegal crossings, from what I understand.
The Canadians take a very dim view of drunk driving, and if convicted, a person is not allowed entry into Canada, ever!

"I wonder who dropped the dime on her"

My bet is that US Marshalls tracked her through either a cell phone or credit card. It's pretty hard to run from the long arm of the law these days.

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