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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another politician for... wait for it... jobs!

Did you know that the Oregon secretary of state's office is involved in setting the job training curriculum at community colleges? It is when the holder of that office is running for re-election.

On Wednesday, June 13, Secretary of State Kate Brown will release an audit of Oregon’s Workforce Development. Auditors found Oregon could be doing a better job of matching middle-skilled training programs at Oregon’s Community Colleges and the many other workforce development programs with current and projected job demand.

"We need a more strategic, coordinated, statewide plan that identifies high demand jobs or industries with a projected under-supply and offer training to get these Oregonians to work," said Secretary Brown. "We need more partnerships like Vigor Industrial and Portland Community College where men and women in search of a career can get the training they need to get hired right out of school."

Secretary Brown will tour Vigor Industrial’s Swan Island Training Facility with PCC President, Dr. Preston Pulliams and representatives from Vigor Industrial. On the grounds of the Portland shipyard, this joint venture provides welding training opportunities that support workforce development for Vigor and other area companies.

Oh, the photo opportunities!

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Katie the Riveter!


Odd how that pose looks a lot more like another message. One you'd see around Newark or Staten Island, for example. Budda boom!

Under the "FOR THE CHILDREN" exception, PPS can still violate ORS when campaigning for a new levy, right?

When one files for unemployment they have to go to a workforce class at a PCC campus. The whole exercise is totally worthless and employs a bunch of incompetent mentors that don’t have a clue. The state should eliminate the program and add the dollars spent to unemployment benefits for the recipients. The whole thing is a stupid PC crock for all the blue Oregon idiot thinkers.

What a joke. This Secretary of State is mostly quiet and unproductive, for three and half years; But now that she might have some actual competition going into the last six months of an election, she suddenly is carrying the torch for growing jobs and job training.

How about this.
We replace Ms Brown this fall and let her try out all these programs she is touting.

there is a particular smell here.......

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