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Thursday, June 14, 2012

An invention that's already been invented?

The O reported the other day about this. But a reader points out that the world already has this. He adds: "My mother, who had been in hospice care for the last three months, had one to prevent bed sores on her feet."

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I'd use a cardboard box.

Hopefully the new one gets more than 2 stars.

But the local version is subsidized as a startup, isn't? I wonder what other wheels there might be being "invented" on the public dime?

meh already!
But the expensive startup version will be shiny and WAY more expensive since it will be used in a "hospice or hospital" setting.
The cardboard box version works great too BTW.

Mechanical engineering at Marquette? That's like going to Caltech to study dance. (Sorry to be overly cynical, but my sister went to Marquette. The school seemingly exists only to grunt out English Lit majors whose sole dream is to work in the publishing business. As you can tell, the unemployment rate among Marquette grads went through the roof when Borders went bankrupt.)

These work great! I got mine in 2007.

These have been in occupational therapist catalogs for decades.

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