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Monday, June 18, 2012


This morning we had the 7 millionth unique visit to this blog, as counted by SiteMeter. That's a lot of visits since we started this hobby nearly a decade ago. The pace continues to increase: The latest million visits came in over a period of 269 days, whereas the immediately preceding million took 307 days. The average unique visits per day over the most recent timeframe was 3,717, as opposed to 3,257 per day over the preceding period. However you slice it, readership's up about 12% to 14% over the last year.

As we said at the last million-visit milestone:

We're truly grateful to have this blog. For us, it's an outlet and a lifeline and a lot of other things. Thanks to our sponsors, lurkers, tipsters, correspondents, advisors, and especially our commenters for making it happen.

We're gearing up for a 10th anniversary in a couple of weeks, and open to suggestion about how we should mark the occasion.

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WE WANT THUNDERDOME! *ducking and running*

Have Metro sponsor part of the convention center with all of the fixings for a party as part of their Opt-In, Kitchen Table, outreach, public participation outreach efforts.

This would be Metro engaged in an honest public collecting of concerns from only critics with some presentations only from that side without any of Metro's staff bringing any of their regularly produced propaganda. They do that the other 364 days of the year.

Why not? What's wrong event without distributing the Metro sermon?
One event where they shut the heck up and publicly listen.

Bojack's Metro Bash!

Congratulations on the milestone. A case of quality prevailing in the crowded marketplace.

Some kind of party is needed, Jack. This is cause for celebration!

Throw the mother of all virtual parties!

Hmmmm. If you had a nickel for each unique visit...

Congratulations. Best blog ever.

Strippers and blog.

Congrats Prof Jack!
Now that you have us right where you want us, you will likely double your subscription fee. Go ahead. I dare you.

For the 10th anniversary, what about taking a week off from blogging and giving the keys to Stenchy?

That's a lot of clicks, Jack. What constitutes a "Unique Visit"?

If it doesn't exclude multiple views from the same IP, then I'm responsible for a couple thousand of them.

This site is much more informative than the O or KGW, but not nearly as alluring as the Merc.

Congratulations. It's amazing to see where people come from, is it not? I'm surprised to find people visiting from Malaysia and Iraq, places you'd never expect.

Of course, your unique visitor count is likely enhanced by anonymous proxy visits (mine is, anyway - Malaysia, for example). But it's a great milestone, and as others have noted previously, you do a great service for those who want actual information.

Thanks much.

THAT was me ! What'd I win?

Well, the anti streetcar contingent out here in Lake O is partially responsible for the recent speeding up of the pace to reach the latest million. We have spread the word of Bojack far and wide in L.O. and Clackamas Co. since some of us discovered your blog last year.

You'd be surprised at the unlikely contingent of followers you have acquired here....

Thanks for what you bring to us daily.

Declare that you are running for mayor

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