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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Will tariffs on Chinese hurt Vestas?

The Chinese point out that Vestas buys a lot of windmill towers from China.

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China builds things now. We have strangled our energy and manufacturing so much, all is left is to send them our coal.

Then what?
Slave labor exported?
Globalists are having a field day.
Thanks to NAFTA and GATT.

"That giant sucking sound you hear is American jobs going to Mexico."

-H. Ross Perot

45 watts solar still costs 150$ @ Harbor Freight - same as it did before tariffs.

Windmill towers are low tech metal work. They can easily be manufactured in Vantucky or Clackistan.

Windmill heads and control electronics are not low tech manufacturing.

What are the Chinese going to do, refuse to sell low tech towers to Vestas? So what? If the Chinese gov't want to increase unemployment in China, that is fine by me.

If the Chinese govt. wants to increase their prices on low tech towers so that towers built in Vantucky or Clackistan are cost competitive, again that is fine with me. More jobs here.

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