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Monday, May 14, 2012

Where my thought's escapin'

We're jetting back to Portland this afternoon and evening from a remote location at which we've spent the last several days. Like Portland, our destination has had some wonderful summer-like weather. And it's where the PATH Series is about to begin.

It's been fun, but it's time to get back to where we belong. Tomorrow night, we'll learn a few things about the future of our hometown of nearly 34 years. The news won't be good, but it's important to be there to hear it as it breaks.

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Speaking of breaking, Mike Burton pled guilty today for claiming $4500 in fake travel expenses.

By pleading, he avoided a full-on felony charge - though even if convicted of that, the "punishment" wouldn't have differed substantially. He gets a year and a half of probation, had to pay back the $4500 (not hard when you've been pulling down $143,000 a year at PSU), and he won't get to feed at the public trough again without a judge's approval. The poor guy also has to complete treatment for alcohol abuse and post traumatic stress disorder.

When you finally get caught, it's...traumatic.

"post traumatic stress disorder" ?
For what ?
Being a crook ?

The two lawyers, one for Multnomah County and another a senior assistant attorney general, jointly wrote a letter (PDF) to their bosses expressing concerns about Portland State's travel reimbursement policies that went beyond the scope of their investigation.

(The travel office at PSU handles an average of 775 reimbursements worth $316,300 monthly, according to a recent audit).

They're gonna need a bigger jail.

No wonder tuition is so high.

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