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Friday, May 11, 2012

Where have all the mailers gone, long time passin'?

We're moving into the last weekend of the agonizingly long process known as an Oregon vote-by-mail election, and it's an interesting time. Two of the Portland City Council races are too close to call, but in the state attorney general race, Ellen Rosenblum is apparently going to crush Dwight Holton.

If Holton loses big, we won't be surprised. He's the law-and-order candidate in a Democratic primary in Oregon. You talk about bringing a knife to a gunfight; he might have had a better chance as a Republican. Rosenblum's got most of the establishment behind her, and the potheads, too, and that appears to be the winning combination.

Whoever wins that primary race will probably take office over the summer, as the incumbent, John Kroger, is set to begin the term of his medical retirement as president of Reed College on July 1.

One thing we're disappointed in is the paucity of election porn mailers that have arrived at our place, even though we haven't voted yet. Was it just us, or were there a lot fewer of them this time around? We heard from Rod Underhill and the library -- that was it.

We wonder if our practice of displaying the campaigns' direct mail and critiquing them on this blog has gotten us removed from the applicable mailing lists. Not that that would be a bad thing necessarily, but if Portland-area readers get election porn that we didn't, part of us feels a little deprived.

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Here in North Clackistan we got a small flurry of stuff on the Reardon vs. Schlaufer Oregon House race. I didn't really think about it, but there was nothing else, recently at least, even though the County Commission race is pretty contentious. I think they know that most of the junk mail goes straight to the recycling bin these days.

"Rosenblum's got most of the establishment behind her, and the potheads"

Neil's legacy lives on. God when did we get to be such a pop stand of a state with zero new ideas and trotting out the same old (and young) tired pols who think the exact same way:
- Keep the unions happy
- Keep whistling while the bills pile up
- Avoid any hard issues they can
- Keeping working on the pet projects while the infra-structure collapses (roads and schools)

Where have the mailers gone, long time passing

Where has all the good sense gone, gone long ago

Will pick them Tuesday everyone, then the porn mail should be gone

Oh when will they ever learn
Oh when will they ever learn

Mary Nolan keeps sending me a steady stream, even though my ballot was mailed in a week ago.

She may have a lot of money, but she's not very smart with it.

Like Garage Wine, I have received several Nolan mailers. Also, Library Mailer, something else about another ballot measure, and Charlie Hales , Eileen Brady and Jefferson Smith.

Like Garage, my ballot was back in the mail the day after it arrived.

To me, as well, its seemed that there is a paucity of mailers this cycle.

Must be why the post office is having such financial problems.

The recycle bin is a brief 5 step detour on the walk from the mailbox to the side door.

Paraphrasing Cicero, "As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap". Of course, everyone blames the "other guy".

I haven't really been paying attention to the campaign mailers..
Mostly they just go in the yard debris can to keep the slop from sticking to the bottom.

Nolan, Fritz, Novick, the annointed Three have all sent stuff to our recycle bin - Charlie's latest is a four-page glossy 8x11" wonder.

This one features Krazy Katz, characterized as "one of Oregon's most respected former politicians" endorsing Sir Charles: "He's knowledgeable. He's honest. He loves this city." With Vera, I never know if it's senility or the east coast talking.

In my opinion:

Hales loves this city for thinking he can jump back in for a secure job.
I am very concerned about his close relationship in HDR and that they are into water.
And as a leader in drinking water treatment, we have planned and designed water treatment facilities throughout the United States.
I would not trust Hales to be a good steward of our current sustainable water system.
I am worried that he would be a change agent to turn our system into a corporate designed system, benefiting corporations at our expense. If Hales mentions anything about lower rates, my thoughts are that he would be leading us into that regional ownership, losing our water rights and into privatization. Is that what he has in mind and why some want him in our public chambers? Water is a basic and ought not be seen as just another commodity with which some can use to make money. Seems very strange that in looking at the 4 page brochure, I saw not one mention of our critical water issue, the elephant in the room...very strange indeed. Note that the other two have not said very much about it either.

The one I trust is Scott Fernandez.

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