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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Uncle Sam giveth, and he taketh away

Here's an interesting graphic -- it's been on the internet for years, but we're just seeing it now -- about what states get from the federal government compared to what they pay in. And funny thing, the West Coast and the Northeast are net losers. You have to wonder how well their congressional delegations are doing their jobs.

The red state-blue state distinction doesn't interest us as much as the geographical trends. It gets worse when one realizes that a lot of what the feds do buy us Oregonians are shiny toys that we can't afford to operate.

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"how well their congressional delegations are doing their jobs."

THat's kinda hard to belive since Reid is the NV senator and you'd think he'd be king kong, yet 49th place - Just ahead of NJ.

I'd rather address NM and ask why do they need so much fed largesse.

Nevada is probably more of a function of the amount and type of federal lands owned: Few large and populated Indian Reservations or Military bases (large land area though not densely populated).

You would wonder that only if you think that getting more handouts for a state than it pays the federal government in taxes is the job of a Representative or a Senator.

Assuming what is paid in includes payroll taxes, what we are likely seeing is states with younger populations transferring wealth to states with older populations, via SS and Medicare transfer payments.

A good chunk of that is because of farm subsidies, aka hush money, to keep the old farm progressives quiet.

Go Cascadia! I'd proudly take a Cascadian passport and wave the Doug Fir...

What is wrong with being within only 7 cents of what we pay?

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