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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

U of O secession pitch ramping up again

The now-bounced president at U.C. Nike raised our hackles when he told the state legislature: "Give us $800 million and leave us alone forever." But any thought that his firing might change the university's tune would be misguided, as this story shows. Uncle Phil is tired of having to answer to anybody in running his toy school, and he and his athletic department cronies are willing to throw around a bunch of money to break free of that pesky state oversight.

We're not opposed to the state's universities becoming independent, so long as they pay the state's taxpayers back for the campus assets. We could use the money. Has anyone done an appraisal of the real estate alone?

Comments (6)

Yes, reimburse us for the "public" assets, and guaranty a percentage of undergraduates, graduates, Masters and Doctoral Students are Oregon Residents at time of enrollment, AND Graduation.

PSU needs to go private and get its paws out the Portland taxpayer's pockets.

Another land grab in the works for developer weasels.
Don't hold your collective breaths waiting for reimbursement.
So called higher education is no longer going to be available to the masses.
Keep 'em stupid, and content with bread and circuses.

Given Jack's conditions, that wouldn't be a bad deal.

UO strikes me as an institution that values appearances over substance with a perpetual chip on it's shoulder that somehow it just doesn't measure up to the rest of the cool kids in the AAU.

The higher ed bubble (escalating tuition and growing student debt) is going to cause it to all come crashing down. It's not --what's that word again?-- sustainable.

If Knight wants to squander his wealth down such a rat hole, more power to him.

The whole higher education system is a massive Ponzi scheme. The sooner we figure it out the better. The only institutions truly ahead of the game are the elite private colleges and universities who are able to graduate students who have little or no debt. My bet is that the whole student loan implosion is going to make the housing bubble look like kids play. When the Chinese foreclose at least we will have lots and lots of well educated dissidents.

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