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Monday, May 14, 2012

Time to vote

It has seemed to go on forever, but Oregon's primary election actually ends tomorrow. We doubt that there are many readers of this blog who haven't filed yet, but if you haven't voted, you have only until 8 p.m. tomorrow to get your ballot into the hands of county election officials. It's too late for the Post Office, and so you'll need to deliver your ballot by hand. If like us, you're in Multnomah County, the dropoff spots are listed here. Apparently, you can drop off at any elections office, anywhere in the state.

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Trying to decide if I should vote for Tre Arrow or David "The Ack" Ackerman for mayor.

Don't worry - Its vote by mail. Vote early, vote often. Kate Brown is making sure we have celan elections.

How sure can we be with Kate Brown and elections considering the links below?

Greens question Secretary of State Kate Brown on Trout hiring

State of Oregon placed on Black Box Voting Watch List Aug. 2009 due to hiring state elections director with history of obstructiveness to public observation. (See news article this section)

I never EVER trust the post office when turning in my ballot..

The O has a Davis Hibbits Midghall poll showing Hales (32), Smith (24), Brady (16) with 21% undecided. Very surprising, I thought Brady was a shoe in for the runoff when the process started, and Smith and Hales would be fighting for the same constituents for the right to be in the final two. Of course, judging by the enthusiasm I've seen for this election, it will only have about 1,000 voters, so if the poll asked the wrong 300, it could be skewed.

Not surprising considering that most papers endorsed Hales. In my opinion, seemed a bit strange, the lock step.

Some people don't look in depth about matters, unfortunately. It is difficut for the public to get engaged if they are not informed. What happened to investigative reporting?

Of course, I am frustrated and sad as we have a great opportunity to get the council back for the people with three votes, however, good candidates who want to turn the direction of our city around, are not even allowed in important debates.

Who knows what the mood of the people will be this evening/tomorrow as they mark those ballets? We need people grass roots voting in this election - or the city continues going down, we lose our assets, and the list is too painfully long.

For your reading pleasure:
Elections Division
Notice: All Secretary of State websites and databases will be unavailable from
6am – Noon Sunday, May 20th due to server maintenance. Thank you for your understanding.

Further info thanks to links at Clinamen's eye-opening post above:

No word of Trout on the SOS website that we could find just now. He must not have been hired after all?

Dont vote, you only encourage the bastards.

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