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Friday, May 11, 2012

Stanford jumps the shark

You won't believe who they've got writing for them now. Oh, well. It will look good on his resume at the Portland State Patronage Center.

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"I’m talking about how to understand the specific and real human challenges we face, and then how to establish priorities that are shared by community members and government. This is what creates a real playbook to guide future decisions."

Too bad, Sam didn't read that poll that thinks he doesn't have a clue about what we want.

Whose city? Defintely not ours.

Notice how he said "community members". He didn't say which members, or who they were.

Translation... "members" who correctly "understand".

Counted seven "I"s in the first two column inches. How skahlerlie!

I quit reading at that point.

The Coastal Village of Newport needs it's Idiot back. Go home Sam. Your welcome to visit just don't stay.

If WWeek or the Merc want to have fun, they should get a copy of the first draft that Sam the Scam sent to Stanford ... Just sayin' ...

It might seem that Stanford has jumped the shark, but really these elite, globalist outfits like Adams' type politics.

Controlled and planned by the elite.

U. N. Agenda 21 is about "public-private partnerships" where insiders benefit at the general public's expense.

Oregon and Portland have been under Agenda 21 type planning for decades.

It would appear Adams is auditioning for a new gig and elite globalists are giving him a platform.

That's what is so sad about Portland, average citizens think they are doing it the "Portland Way", but actually they are doing it the crony capitalist way and that is elite and globalist.

HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Evidence that UC Berkeley >> Stanford!!

Good God. I may throw up.

I added my shark attack:

Sam Adams has a way with words. Unfortunately most of them are what I would call, Political Babble. They sound reasonable but are more or less meaningless. Anyone who knows Portland politics knows that the “planners” are all working to promote the interests of a small class of developers. The term “Smart Growth” is just another way to say, “if you want to build a new apartment complex close to a major transportation line and have the public pick up most of the tab, you’d be smart to put some money into my campaign coffers.”

Tim, you inspired me. I left the following comment:

Congratulations for recognizing Sam’s genius. Now will you please hire him so he’ll stop destroying Portland? You could give him a B.S. degree and make him Planner in Residence. I’m sure he’ll see that Stanford campus as an underutilized resource that needs some condo towers. You’ll love it when he decides the Clock Tower is a blighted area - then sets up an urban renewal district that siphons off tuition money for his pals.
You’ve taken the first step. You’ve spotted the genius. Now it’s time for you to offer him a job. Yes, it’s going to be tough on us, but Portland will just have to manage without him. We can’t go on being this selfish. It’s time we shared him with the world.

Re: "then sets up an urban renewal district"

Bill McD,

It would not be easy for him or anyone to do that in CA:

"The new law abolishing redevelopment agencies in the Golden State has been upheld by the state supreme court."

You got me, Gardiner. How about a special spectator tax for going to a Stanford football game?

Sam Adams as an economic development expert? What's next, O.J. Simpson on conflict resolution? Come on, Stanford.

Maybe they could take it one step further and offer him a position as a Visiting Professor...Starting summer session.

A visiting Professor...in maybe Bangladesh.

As a former Stanford "Indian," I am ashamed that such hogwash was printed under a Stanford masthead.

A village needs it's idiot back!
Should never have let him out of the cage!

And how could Stanford print that mindless, meaningless collection of words and lower their bar of discourse to that level?

Re: "...how could Stanford print that mindless, meaningless collection of words and lower their bar of discourse to that level?"


Leland Stanford, Jr U welcomed Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin)'s erstwhile, unapologetic squeeze back after her years of disservice to this country and life on the planet. At least she is not still Provost.

The ideal of freedom of thought and speech in an academic community committed to open, honest inquiry has surely been distorted more severely by other than the divisive, vindictive, alleged mayor of Stumptown.

Please take time to provide the readership of this university publication some context into which to fit the shibboleths employed by Portland's pathological presence and his band of mercenary sycophants.

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