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Monday, May 7, 2012

Somebody's gonna get composted

We noted last week that the City of Portland is borrowing several millions of dollars to turn the Lloyd Center area into an "eco-district." Maybe they could start by turning it into a riot-free district.

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Wouldn't it be more cost effective to make it an "Open air shooting gallery?"

Over 50 fighting and no arrests made. Large flash mobs stealing from stores and no one in custody. Maybe it's true, it's safer for kids to travel in groups.

We have completely handcuffed the cops, stopping them from intervening before youngsters commit crimes. Teaching them that if they use common sense they could be profiling. After all, maybe all those kids inthe park were just returning home from a basketball game, right?

Choir practice.

Harassing businesses until they bolt for the suburbs frees up more space for condos.

Still waiting for the wave of "green" jobs we've promised for over a decade now. Instead, more government borrowed monies ($3.6 million) in search of the illusory wave.

It's really just another city of Portland slush fund ($3.6 million). At least this one sticks the bond holders with the high risk of ultimately coming up empty (unless the juveniles at Portland city hall go out and borrow money to pay this debt off with borrowings against general funds monies or other taxpayer general obligations. Risk of this very high.)

....frees up more space for condos.

My thought as well. Illustrations may have been ready
for some time on turning this area into the "eco-district."



A part of a city once deemed liveable but now too dangerous for normal human activity so that only Experienced Criminal Organizations (ECO) can thrive there.

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