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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seattle gangsters taking after Portland counterparts

The shooting sprees and dead bystanders have made their way to our north.

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Hmmm....I wonder if the press is repeating fabrications about the killer supposedly having an argument with someone on the street, which somehow led to this random shooting...sort of like the other random shooting, and the other random shooting...and the random shooting of the opera singer last month on I205, etc etc. All "random" "senseless" and "shocking", because no one wants to mention, er, the actual ingredients in the cauldron. Dumb, hopped-up ghetto youths with guns, brought up by teen moms and grandmothers who probably beat them regularly as children, engaging in all-out warfare amongst each other, and making little rules like, kill a white person and you'll get some drug distribution turf...


And just in case you have any doubts, just watch the footage of four ghetto dwellers hunting human blood for sport, a little ways into the news segment on it below.


Sorry to say this but Oakland, California may be pointing the way for us. If Sam and the Portland Police Union can't fix the shooting problems maybe it's time to call in the Feds and try working together.


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