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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Say goodbye to Dave Hunt

It appears that he's hit the ceiling of his political career. It's headed for a runoff -- so far it's Ludlow against Lehan. Supposed centrist candidate Paul Savas is running third, Hunt fourth.

The Clackistani rebels may lose to Martha Schrader on the first ballot. But the third commission seat looks like a Damon-Smith runoff so far.

That county's election results are here.

Comments (2)

I split my vote - 1 rebel, 1 liberal, 1 "centrist" - in a (probably futile) attempt to stop them all from doing too much. Doesn't look like any of my horses are placing first though. Not in the county commissioners' races anyway. ... Congrats Ellen!

Bummer about Kurt's ex, but nice to see Hunt riding off into the sunset. He'll find a government agency to head up before long, though.

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