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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Public power debate still going strong on Oregon Coast

It's a time-honored struggle in the Pacific Northwest: private corporations supplying power, or public ones? In Washington State, public power pretty much won, whereas in Oregon, the private companies did. But there are exceptions in both states, and on the Oregon Coast, where there's some of each, the debate rages on.

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In a situation where you have a Hobson's Choice between government-mandated services or government run services, as much at it pains me to say, I think it is best to cut out the middleman and go with the PUD. The compensation tables beginning around page 106 and the dividend payments mentioned on page 29 compared to the net income further down that same page certainly informs about some of the the costs of utilizing a middleman.


Does that cost outweigh the benefits, such as more efficiency with a profit motive or sheer expertise from a large and well-established organization? I guess the Clatsop voters need to decide.

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