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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Potheads hand Holton his head

The John Kroger Era of Oregon government appears to be over, four years after it began.

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He (or his advisors) were SO stupid to make pot an issue. The last thing Oregonians want is to hear someone saying that they will use what's left of our pathetic resources to go after pot users/growers. He did himself in.

Oregon is soon to reach periscope depth.

I don't think he went there in the campaign voluntarily. Ellen went there, and of course, WW simply lives there.

Dwight was dealing with the issue from his time as U.S. attorney, but over there he definitely brought it on himself.

Outcome is a victory for civil liberties and good sense.

And the Goldschmidt people. And their money.

The tally I saw showed Rosenbaum stomping Holton by almost 2-1 (and 16,000 votes). Are there that many potheads that vote?

buh bye Kroger!! You singlehandedly ran out some of the best legal minds in DOJ. I guess Holton & his wife should vacate the PDX DOJ office that Kroger had conveniently lent to them for free...

Are there that many potheads that vote?

Maybe not, but pothead money bought a lot of TV time for Judge Rosenblum.

I noticed that tonight on KOPB when Dave Miller was congratulating Ellen and asking her why she won, she did not mention her new-found friends in the medical marijuana lobby. They may end up disappointed in her.

I'm already tired of the "first-woman-AG" act. I'm a feminist and know better.

It's true, his actions in the U.S. Attorney's office first gained the potheads' ire, but Holton really brought it on himself when he described OMMP as a "train wreck" while on the campaign trail this past March or April. The marijuana activists didn't really mobilize in this race until that time. Funny what a bunch of unmotivated slackers can do in such a short time, huh?

And it's also true pot activists donated about a third of Rosenblum's total campaign funds, but Holton's out-of-state money still surpassed her total, so the comments about her TV ads seem a bit specious.

Don't worry, it seems it's not a done deal. Apparently there's a Republican write-in candidate. So now what happens this summer when Kroger leaves?

Ellen gets appointed, and then elected against no one. A write-in in that race has zero chance.

Thanks for the explanation Jack.

"There's lots of issues that played into my victory, and that may well be one of them," Rosenblum said of the surprising emergence of medical marijuana as a defining issue. "But I was running on a platform of being an attorney for the people of Oregon, and I think they got it and I think that's why I won."

You probably shouldn't form an opinion based on a single, short, edited statement from one source, Pamela. And I'm a feminist and am wondering what it is you know that the rest of us don't. I'm proud that we have elected our first woman AG here in Oregon, for many reasons. Not the least of which is she sensibly doesn't believe we should divert precious LE resources to medical marijuana.

Who says it was only one source? Earlier in the campaign Rosenblum declined to sign onto the marijuana legalization petition offered her by Jim Grieg. (She did pose with him for a photo, though.) He’s the same marijuana activist who has been railing against Obama, who let him down. Give it some time, “ex-bartender.” Let’s see if Rosenblum turns out any better in Grieg’s view than Obama.

Rosenblum simply made a political decision to use the marijuana issue. The AG’s office hasn’t been diverting “precious LE resources to medical marijuana.” You’re confusing the AG with the feds. Holton was the interim U.S. Attorney when the feds held their raids in Southern Oregon. That office is now occupied by Amanda Marshall. Presumably, “ex-bartender,” you are equally proud that she is female.

“And I'm a feminist and am wondering what it is you know that the rest of us don't.”

I know that being female doesn’t automatically make anyone more qualified. Look around you. The feminist track record is questionable. We’re still fighting about abortion.

I'm not confusing anything "Pamela". I never said the AG's office is using LE resources to fight pot. But I've noticed that setting up straw men is one of your specialties. No, I agree with the sentiment, the ideology, the sensible fiscal stance that $ should not be further wasted on a failed war against a relatively harmless weed, one that also happens to provide much-needed medical relief to many. I support Rosenblum because she's practical, compassionate, fiscally responsible and as a local, understands and supports something that a majority of Oregonians want.

You were the one complaining about her supposed lack of support and acknowledgement for the medical marijuana lobby. Which - by providing you a quote from last night that shows otherwise - easily disproves that. And now you're comparing the state AG with POTUS and support for medical marijuana with legalization. Who is confused here "Pamela"?

And I only made mention of your dig against Ellen's supposed lack of feminist credibility because it is so obviously just another straw man, a diversion. You have come out strongly against Rosenblum all over the Internet in the last couple months because of her support for OMMP. Its disingenuous to  play the feminism card now. 

BTW, feminist ideology doesn't say that being female automatically makes you more qualified. You're really good at arguing points that others never make.  

Feminist-shfeminist, where's the outrageously well written and argued and substantiated article supporting my view that men outclass women, all around and generally? No ostracizing, ostriches, the sand is more comfortable.

On the subject of pot, the first temptation in years has reared itself, by reading this hilarious missive entitled: a doper's request.


I'm already tired of the "first-woman-AG" act. I'm a feminist and know better.

Firsts are really important. Just ask Barry, our first black President. Er, no - wait - that was Bill Clinton. Well, he's our first gay President. Except that he's married with two kids. Well, at least he's not George Bush. Except for that whole drone-killing thing and the Patriot Act and....

So, "ex-bartender," you speak on behalf of all feminist ideology? Well, I guess Rosenblum didn’t consult you because at one of the two AG forums I attended, she tossed out the fact that she was female as a selling point.

I came out against Rosenblum for a lot of reasons. As a judge on the Oregon Court of Appeals, she wrote the opinion in 2007 freeing Michael Scott Simons from prison after he served four years of a 98-year prison sentence. He raped and sexually assaulted three Alzheimer’s patients (See State of Oregon vs. Michael Scott Simons http://www.publications.ojd.state.or.us/Publications/A125571.htm).

Then there was her opinion that freed Joshua Kelley, who confessed to molesting two children. See State of Oregon vs. Joshua Norman Kelley http://www.publications.ojd.state.or.us/Publications/A137379.htm

If you don’t like the arguments I am raising here, tough. People who hide behind names like “ex-bartender” are in no position to call anyone a straw man.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, give it some time and let’s see if Rosenblum disappoints the marijuana lobby.

I'm glad he was beaten. Decent enough prosecutor to be sure, but I didn't want him for AG. Too narrow.

So, "ex-bartender," you speak on behalf of all feminist ideology?

Not any more than you do. Which was my point in addressing it in the first place.

If you're going to throw faulty, unsubstantiated arguments out there, "Pamela," don't be surprised or offended if someone comments on them. You may very well have good reasons for opposing Rosenblum, but with the possible exception of just now, I haven't seen any that you've reasonably justified, in my opinion. (And given your track record for misconstruing the facts, I'll reserve judgement on the two you've just listed until further study.) In any case, I'm not going to chase you down rabbit holes as your reasoning keeps evolving. I was responding to your first comment, let's leave it at that.

P.S. My use of a pseudonym - in keeping with a great many of the commenters here - doesn't make my arguments more or less logical. Go peddle that nonsense over at BlueOregon, they love it. And if you're criticizing the profession that supported my family for the past 30 years, you're just being petty, "Pamela." Condescension isn't a substitute for reason.

"You may very well have good reasons for opposing Rosenblum, but with the possible exception of just now, I haven't seen any that you've reasonably justified, in my opinion."

You indicated in an earlier post, "Barb Tender," that you were familiar with my opposition to Rosenblum. Apparently you weren't. I wrote about those two cases a couple of weeks ago. At the PSU forum, Rosenblum said that "fortunately" Simon had committed so many other crimes that he was still in prison. She was convincing. Then I later checked and found that he wasn't. He's free.

I don't care if you use your real name or not. Some people can't write under their real names (especially in Portland. Some of the bluest liberals, who scream their love of diversity, can't stand it when somebody disagrees with them).

It's hypocritical, though, to use a pseudonym if you're going to call someone else a "straw man." Find a better insult.

You obviously don't understand what a straw man argument is "Pamela," or why it is a logical fallacy. This is futile.

Pour yourself a drink, "ex-bartender," and contemplate your own condescension. No doubt your forensics coach is weeping.

There are straw men, and then there are straw man arguments.

Holton took out of state money, Rosenblum took drug money. Which is worse?

Holton was right, OMMP is a joke. We should just quit pretending weed is illegal in Oregon instead of having a faux bureaucracy in place to legitimize it and pretend it's not being grown commercially for sale under the guise of OMMP.

Holton came across as a carpetbagger, as was Kroger before him. Were there really no other qualified candidate with ties to Oregon beyond what Holton had?

I know people whose lives have been ruined by drugs, so I’m inclined to say drug money is much worse. (Not only that, but drug money may also be from out of state. George Soros is not an Oregonian.)

You raise an interesting issue, though. Although I’m a native Oregonian, I moved away for a couple of decades and then came back. Naturally, I found the state much changed. Nothing stays the same. But I was surprised the first time I heard someone refer to Oregon as the “Mississippi of the West.” Had it gotten that bad? Were we that poor?

I’ve never lived in the South, but I’ve spent time in the Mississippi Delta area. I’ve had friends and colleagues move to that region, and one of the things they have to immediately deal with is, “Where you from?” It's all about your roots.

So, maybe we are becoming the Mississippi of the West. For me, a native Oregonian who looks at her state and sees it going to hell, I’m inclined to welcome newcomers – provided they are not headed to Bud Clark Commons.

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