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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Portland still talking big community center at Washington High

The City of Portland is proposing development of a two-story, 60,710 square-foot public community center, with an indoor acquatic facility, exercise, activity, meeting and class rooms, a 55,930 square-foot underground parking garage for 168 cars, and an outdoor open space area. The project is proposed to be completed in two phases.

Phase One is proposed to include a full-service, indoor aquatic facility, exercise and fitness facilities, meeting and art rooms, locker rooms, control desk, child care facility, kitchen, offices, lobby, storage and related support functions, for a total of just under 49,000 sqaure feet. The underground parking garage would be part of phase one and, in addition to the 168 auto parking spaces, would include one loading space. In addition, most site development would be included in Phase One, including an outdoor plaza, a multi-use playing field, built over the garage and possible addition of community garden plots, a playground and a natural landscaped area.

Phase two is proposed to include an 11,820 square-foot, two-story addition in the southeast corner of the building to include a ground-floor gymnasium and possible second-floor circular walking track along the gym’s perimeter.

Phase one is expected to be completed within three years, while phase two may be at any time, up to the end of the ten years that would be granted with approval of the proposed master plan.

It sure would be nice if it happened. But Portland has an apartment jungle to build at Lincoln High School. It seems unlikely that there'll be any actual money to spend on recreation in a southeast neighborhood. It's hard enough to get City Hall to leave the existing public pool at Buckman School open and operating.

Comments (9)

"underground parking garage for 168 cars"

Parking? So what's good for the goose is not good for the gander, apparently.

5 bucks says it ain't gonna happen.

I assume this would be built with borrowed money and then there would not be any money in the general funds for operation? So after a short period of time it would be closed down and left to rot.

Because that is how Portland rolls.

This reads a lot like my auspicious plan to meet, seduce, and ultimately marry Scarlett Johansson. Only, less probable.

they just tore down a perfectly good gym there...what were they thinking ???

If one of their ideas is to put people to work in the construction business, they might think of repairing some of the streets.

Sure, they can propose it. They can also propose expanding PDX so it can handle spacecraft, too.

The City Council is closing Fulton Community Center in SW Portland but proposing a huge new center at the Washington high school property? The net cost to the City to operate Fulton has been $100,000 or less in recent years. How much for the new community center for building it? Annually to operate?

It's not about cost to operate but pork to build.

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