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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oregon drops to 42nd in CEO survey

That's a 9-place drop, worst yearly performance by any state, on perceived business climate. [Via the tax-hater folks here.]

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The paragraphs in that piece about education, from a joint Newsweek/Daily Beast survey, are almost more ominous than the notes about Oregon's business climate.

I know for certain that at least 2 companies that could have provided 100 jobs to the metro area did not locate here because of the poor education of the potential work force.

What garbage. Nothing but political bias on the part of this country's CEOs, who have done more to wreck our economy than all local and state governments combined. Notice that the bottom three states California, New York and Illinois also have he most fortune 500 company headquarters.

mike: Notice that the bottom three states California, New York and Illinois also have he most fortune 500 company headquarters.

Mike: What's important is where the JOBS are located. It's logical the largest cities have the most Fortune 500 company headquarters. That's far less important than where the Fortune 500 companies' jobs are located.

This is how Mayor Creepy would have phrased the survey question:

"If you could build a new Leed Palladium certified office entirely at the public's expense, and we build a new light rail line down your street, would you consider relocating to Oregon?"

BAM! Oregon is rises to the top of the perceived business climate survey. The Mayor collects a campaign donation. The PDC gets a new project. The Oregonian writes an article about all the new jobs. Hank Stern discovers there is no Leed Palladium designation and wins another Pulitzer when he discovers it was a shell company owned by Homer's brother-in-law and the construction company bribed PDC.

It all depends on how you phrase the question, right Sammy?

mike (no, not Mike):

Businesses, small and large, are necessary to build and sustain a robust economy.

Government alone cannot build or sustain an economy.

If everything were government, where would the revenue come from to pay salaries, wages, and benefits?

Perception matters so much, and the perception is that California is the worst place to locate and that Oregon isn't far behind. 66/67 only hurt Oregon in that regard. Until we elect leaders who focus on the economy (including overhauling our broken tax system) and education, Oregon will remain an economic backwater.

Right on Mister Tee! The only thing missing is free use of the Sammyboy's madcap bike share program that has $2M in Federal transportation dollars that is seed money from Metro.

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