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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oregon blogger gets recognized

We hear that Bill Harbaugh, the University of Oregon economics professor who stirs up all sorts of trouble with his excellent blog UO Matters, is going to receive a prize this weekend from the Oregon chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Apparently Harbaugh is being honored for his work in forcing the state to post on the internet, for free, its official manual about its freedom of public information laws.

Ironically, the First Freedom award, which Harbaugh is about to receive, "honors a non-journalist's championing of First Amendment rights." In our book, Harbaugh is a journalist, even though he blogs what he blogs on his own, part time, and without pay.

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But does the school of journalism at UofO recognize him as a journalist?

I think journalists are like leaders.

If you got followers you are a leader, good or bad.

Same with bloggers.

What a sad state of journalism when an economics professor does more to beat back the government abuses of the people than the yellow-bellied lap dogs of the media today. Ironic that I'm writing this on a law professor's website which does more investigative journalism in a week than the daily does in a year.

Harbaugh is literally a genius though, fun classes too.

Favorite class from undergrad at UO - Behavioral Economics with Harbaugh - $550, plus $50 for class experiments, less $80 in class-experiment winnings.

Favorite class at L&C - Income Tax with Bogdanski - $4,750, plus $150 for books, plus $80 to frame my Income Tax Map.

Realizing my favorite "type" of professor is brilliant-zany-watchdog-blogger - priceless.

Thanks, former students. Some day, and that day may never come, I may call upon you to do a service for me.

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