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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Last digs

It's election week, and WW takes this opportunity to test local candidates' "job creation" claims. And gee, guess who comes out looking the worst. Amanda Fritz and Eileen Brady -- the two candidates that the paper least wants to succeed. Granted, none of the candidates comes out smelling like a rose, but Fritz and Brady get the roughest handling.

Meanwhile, on Mary Nolan, in the first paragraph: "Nolan actually has business experience. Yet she’s making fewer job-creator boasts than Fritz." And on Charlie Hales, in the lead paragraph: "Mayoral candidate and former City Commissioner Charlie Hales could legitimately claim some credit for jobs created through public-sector projects like the Portland Streetcar and Cascade Station he helped champion while in office from 1993 to 2002."

And they still keep pounding on "Brady wasn't really a founder!" It's such a weak criticism that you'd think they'd let it go. Where is the repetition of the other, much more serious, personality problems on display in the mayoral race? Streetcar Charlie either filed a false Oregon voter registration or a false Oregon tax return -- take your pick. And Jeffy has a record of blowing off court dates while a lawyer, getting kicked out of the state bar for not paying his dues, driving while suspended, bombing out of his one and only real job in Portland, and running a crazy-quilt collection of political organizations that seem to be pushing the tax envelope really hard. But "Brady wasn't really a founder" -- what is that, three or four times now? Maybe it's subconscious, but the Willies' slip is showing.

And it's an establishment slip, at that. Hales and Nolan -- that'd be some old, old Portland money behind that pair.

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Hales latest tv promo.... "He added transit so it's easier and safer to get around town". Fact check anyone?

Anyone notice the irony of WW supporting the establishment candidates....

I feel a little queazy about the way Eileen Brady has been treated in this campaign. To me there's something sexist about it. At the heart, there's the whole founder issue. How can she be a co-founder when she was just the wife? The whole thing smacks of a Good Old Boys network trying to keep the power and credit for themselves. I have no doubt Eileen Brady had to battle through the male-dominated corporate structure to get as far as she did in life. It seems like a bad episode of "The Good Wife."

I haven't heard anything that makes me think she's a ghastly person. The hassle with the cops for riding her bicycle in the park? I'm okay with it. That makes me think she is a more spirited type who's holding back a little now - just doing what she thinks candidates should do. I have the feeling she's got a lot more going for her, then the ads, debates and speeches imply.

Willamette Week did a tremendous job describing what Jefferson Smith's own people call his "WTF moments" but the Eileen Brady coverage seems dismissive, based on traditional archaic gender roles.

I guess they do have one point. I mean if Eileen Brady had co-founded New Seasons, then why isn't she worth millions? Oh wait. She is.

"Hales and Nolan -- that'd be some old, old Portland money behind that pair."

I think you need to re-evaluate Charlie, especially after his response to the poll that people here overwhelmingly want potholes fixed instead of streetcars or bike lanes.

Charlie was saying that all along according to him. If I can only figure out which side of his mouth he was saying that, he might get my vote.

Queasy..not queazy.

Hales and Cascade Station?

He did everything he could to spend borrowed Urban Renewal money on that boondoggle while preaching that it will be a transit,bike pedestrian friendly mini-city and lecturing that it will NEVER be a BIG BOX strip mall.

Of course all of the city and ODOT traffic planning was for the never to be seen fantasy so now millions more must be spent adapting it to the BIG BOX auto-oriented cluster it is.

And yet today Char-lie Hales is taking credit for creating the same development and jobs he tried to prohibit.

Planning and politicians at their worst.

Charlie takes credit for whatever he can conjure up for the cam-pain. I guess he thinks people don't remember that far back and let's face it there are "leaders?" in this town that give Charlie and others a pass as long as they get the perks!

How many years can our city survive more "passes?"

Bill McDonald sums up a feeling I have had about much of coverage of Brady.

And it's an establishment slip, at that. Hales and Nolan -- that'd be some old, old Portland money behind that pair.

That old old money needs three votes to continue the establishment gig. They aren't about to give that up.

Question is, what is the mood of the people?
Polls must be telling them it ain't good.

I find Jefferson Smith most objectionable. He represents, too me, a continuation of the same juvenile type governance, chasing after pipe dreams, as city hall has been enamored with and following for a decade or more now; and especially that of Sam Adams. Of course, the alternatives are also of this same juvenile type, but maybe faintly less so.

I'm having a difficult time with the hypocrisy of the leading mayoral candidates.

For example Brady's ads state how Portland's "progressive" qualities have given us a wonderful city. But in the same breath and debates she goes on that this is a critical election with an enormous pile of troubles. We've had decades of "progressive" government and we have these failures. So I guess we continue with her progressive.

Sadly this applies to Char-lie and Speedy-Jeff. That's why Scott Fernandez makes sense.

Per the norm, former oil commodities trader Willamette Week reporter Nigel Jaquiss draws upon his speculative background to contort the facts and ignore context to rehash his tired narrative.

For the benefit of your readers, here is Eileen’s full, personal statement in its entirety that was submitted to WW:


And again, here are personal testimonials to the many legitimate contributions Eileen made to New Seasons Market from its inception:


It's not surprising that a former Wall Street trader wouldn't understand what it takes to start a small business, but it is surprising the lengths one would go to demonstrate this inadequacy.

Pender, I invested in Yahoo, Starbucks, Intel, and such in their early years. I clicked on your cites. According to you that means I'm a major contributor to these companies successes, right, like Eileen?

According to Willamette Week, Jefferson Smith's dad, Joe Smith, bought the first bus for the Bus Project. Doesn't that make him the founder?

LW - first congrats on making some good early bets.

The answer to your question is yes if participated in an early tranche of investment or you helped site locations for the business or helped define the brand or developed the original HR policies...anyone of those things would qualify - all of them together only more so.

Pender, I agree with out about helping with site locations, defining the brand, etc. could possibly qualify. What I haven't seen is the substantive proof of that from Eileen. And from people in the know, they don't substantiate those claims. Where's Eileens W2s or other records of contribution? I'm not saying her claims are false, but why can't she prove her claims?

Let's see, we have:
- a record of blowing off court dates while a lawyer
- getting kicked out of the state bar for not paying his dues
- driving while suspended
- bombing out of his one and only real job in Portland
- running a crazy-quilt collection of political organizations that seem to be pushing the tax envelope really hard

Looks to me like all the right resume' bullet points for a Portland mayoral candidate! The man's a shoo-in!

Depending who is "in" the special arena here, a pass will be given no matter what!

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