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Monday, May 21, 2012

New business cards for Homer's hired guns

The real estate lawyers responsible for sticking Portland taxpayers with the SoWhat District have been busy lately reshuffling their law practices. Perhaps this is a sign that the "urban renewal" party is just about over. Municipal bankruptcy might be a good alternative specialty for them to pursue.

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All gearing up for Char-LIE no doubt. Homer usually gets the best of everything.

They'd be better off buttering up the Bus crowd. Char-Lie doesn't seem like a good bet.

Especially when you already know what's hidden in the pool of slime.

Yeah, for those attorneys a combo real estate development and bankruptcy practice is great: When things are booming, they're booming. And when things go bust, they're booming!

It used to be that the high powered firms were satisfied with converting their real estate lawyers into "creditor's rights lawyers" in hard times, but Ball Janik wants to do "everything all the time", and that's the way it is...move along peasants of the realm...nothing to see here! Hey, it's pathetic lame Portland, Oregon, and if you put enough plants on this and that OSB commitee, anyone with enough bills in their pocket can do whatever they want in broad daylight, and it's considered just another day at the Hotel California...err Oregon.

It looks like the international community has begun to react to Homer William's election night shorts.


So does this mean the new practice already has some business lined up?

Taking on Steve Janik for govt business isn't going to be easy.

Not to worry. Portland's big ideas are too big to fail.

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