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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meanwhile, in Gresham...

... garbage rates are set to decrease in August.

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But in Clackamas County the fee for sewer and "surface water" management is going up by $1.45 a month. Who knows why?

The article explains that the cost reduction is coming at a huge decrease in the allowable 'profit' to the hauler. The currently permitted 10% profit is being reduced to 6-8% in 2013. Economic insanity is not limited to Portland, it seems.

This is the definition of facism (from the article):

“No doubt about it, it’s like an employer-employee relationship” between the city and haulers, Kilian said. “One side wants more pay for the good work they think they do, and management wants to protect the bottom line.”

The new rates will allow haulers between 9 and 11 percent profit in 2012, and between 6 and 8 percent profit in 2013, Fancher estimated.

“In this economic climate, we don’t feel that 10 percent profit is reasonable,” Fancher said. “We’re going to work with haulers and council to ...(shoot) for something less than that.”

oops ... fascism ...

Yes, let's all shed a tear that the refuse companies can "only" make a profit of 8%.

It is none of the government's business how much 'profit' the haulers make. That is what contract bids are designed to work out.

From Wikipedia: Fascists advocate a state-directed, regulated market economy that is dedicated to the nation; the use and primacy of regulated private property and private enterprise contingent upon service to the nation.

Fascism - pure and simple.

Oh, And I DO (and you should, 'cause it's gonna pay your way) worry about the profit ANY private business makes.

Let's put in a way anyone can understand:

You agree to mow a lawn for $25. After gas, permits, equipment costs, etc, you get to keep $2 (8%). And that is before taxes. Is that worth your time?

Once again those who couldn't make it, dictating to those who can.
Bureaucrats are the only ones not regulated or accountable to any one. SamRand twins ring a bell?

You agree to mow a lawn for $25. After gas, permits, equipment costs, etc, you get to keep $2 (8%). And that is before taxes. Is that worth your time?

Don't forget to include labor costs. The haulers are paying everyone their salary, covering all costs, etc., and then ALSO getting a profit of 8%.

It's funny--times are tough, and when people like teachers complain about, say, a 1% COLA, people say "you should be happy to have a job!" Now suddenly a private company with a government contract "only" gets a profit of 8%, and it's like something cooked up by Mussolini and Stalin. Okaaaaaaaaaaay.

Is that worth your time?

Well if it isn't, the contractor is free to pass then aren't they? I'm sure someone out there is willing to work for a GUARANTEED profit. If not, then I guess the city will have to adjust the rate.

It's not the "free market" if you get awarded a monopoly.

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