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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Law and order -- who needs it?

We see that the Oregon state government is about to lay off 40 prison lieutenants around the state. The state police are also going to lose several sworn officers.

But we'll bet the Masters of the Universe investment advisors in the treasurer's office are safe.

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"Masters of the Universe investment advisors in the treasurer's office are safe"

Plus all the upper level managers, Economic Development people, green energy types, diversity counselors, BFFs of Cylvia and hangers-on of Neil G.

An annual zero based budget program would solve that issue.

Maybe.. but I bet the first thing to be added to the new budget would be the dead weight. Well, maybe the second thing so it's not too too obvious.

Does this mean I won't see the Watershed Police taking samples from mud puddles in my neighborhood anymore?

What surprised me about this was that the budget writers were two Democrats and a Republican. That's pretty unusual, these days.

Naturally, Michael Jordan, during whose tenure at Metro middle managers sprouted like weeds, complains. He actually claims that they work!

They're highly compensated, they hold a lot of meetings, they attend a lot of meetings, and they make up a lot of insipid rules - like all good bureaucrats - but work? Not likely, Mikey.

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