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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just what America doesn't need

Domestic use of Pentagon propaganda is on its way back to life. You'd expect this sort of thing from some Republican from Texas, but what is this guy from the Seattle suburbs doing leading the charge?

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I went to both co-sponsoring congressman's websites.

Smith a Democrat
makes no mention of what party he is in.
He uses Congressman Adam Smith (WA-09)
signifying the 9th district.

I couldn't find out from his own web page what party he is in.
I had to go to

uses Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) in every entry.

What is the point in Adam Smith purging any mention of his party?

Is this some sort of politically coy move some politicians make?

I find it annoying.

This sounds like an expansion of what the Federal Government is already doing. They tell us, just for example, that Israel is our best friend and Iran an enemy. They try to convince us that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have a meaningful purpose. The list goes on.

Agreed. But the stuff coming out of the Pentagon is true mindscrew stuff. The less of it, the better.

Career opportunities for all the P.R. flaks in local government.

As if there was a time when they didn't.

Wow, government propaganda! We see and hear it nearly every day. If you don't, you ain't paying attention; which, on second thought, may not be a bad idea.

Will there be any/several Oregon legislators presenting such a bill to do away with government PR here? What about Portland's own City Council? Will Hales, Smith, Fritz, Nolan, Novick step up to the plate? I think this issue should discussed in the races.

Note to Adam and Mac:

Al-CIA-da is a state-sponsored and created group to promote military objectives by the use of proxy (phoney, staged, managed) events to which they can then "respond".

But the people have grown tired of this fake war on "terror", so now you need to up the volume with state-sponsored propaganda?

Sorry dude, too late. We don't buy this fake BS and now that you have shown your true stripes, know where you stand on the pursuit of truth and liberty for all.

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