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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Illegal? No problem for the O.

The flow of toxic editorials from Portland's daily newspaper is usually pretty awful, but this one's egregious. "This project should move forward, but it must remain transparent at every step." Give us a break. And the blatant illegalities should simply be "balanced" away.

We try hard not to root for the demise of print journalism, but some days it's hard.

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"Portland State deserves its shot at urban renewal"

Really? A mojor university deserves a shot at the blighted area gravy train at taxpayer expense? I wonder who's going to "deserve" a shot at it next?

Urban renewal in Portland is starting to sound like a gang rape.

Portland State and it's surrounds are not in any sense blighted or in serious decline. No amount of rationalization can overcome that reality.

Because it got nothing from its last "shot at urban renewal."

Because having a MAX line, streetcar line, new parking garage, private athletic club, and numerous new buildings (including student housing) is not "a shot a urban renewal" ...

If PSU is "blighted", then what the hell is St. Johns, or Lents, or East Burnside, or M.L.K.?


All PSU has done is to reenact OHSU's threat to get UR-they've threatened to move to Hillsboro.

Already PSU has bought land, is building, occupies buildings in SoWhat's URA.

It only makes sense for PSU to double-dip in urban renewal. When you combine the two TIF dollar losses due to not paying property taxes in either, schools, police, fire, parks are even hurt more-to the tune of over $250 Million. The Oregonian is brilliant in their logic.

This is proof positive that light rain and streetcars CAUSE blight.


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