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Friday, May 25, 2012

Fukushima reactor building is bulging, leaning

This is unit 4 -- the one that everybody's the most worried about, because its spent fuel pool, on an upper floor, is fully loaded and ready to create an even bigger catastrophe than Fuku has already inflicted. Now surveyors have found quite a bit of leaning. With earthquakes popping off in the vicinity on a daily basis, it's still touch-and-go over there.

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"that means California." Um yeah, and Oregon, and Washington, and Alaska, and the wenstern Canadian Provinces...

There is so little info in the media about this, and that is really scary. By the graphic, it appears that we will only get about 10 days notice to evacuate, if they even decide to tell us (and no, I'm not sure who "they" even are). And where do we go??

See y'all in chemo my friends...enjoy life while you still can.

"within the safety limit of Building standard law"

Thank god they have safety standards for tsunami and nuclear damaged buildings.

Wait... Say what?

Nice scare tactics map, Technorati:


So the Mayans were right, 2012 is the end of time for man! Evolution will form new life that can withstand major rads but for human life this looks to be the begining of the end.
Enjoy what time there is...


Payback - Hiroshima & Nagasaki?

Looks pretty dangerous to me: I think Fireman Randy should flyover there and paste some big red "U" stickers on those buildings. In fact, I'll even pay for his air fare. Well, over anyway. I'll let MWH Global pay to bring him back -- if they think they have any further use for him.

Since the plant was designed by General Electric, the payback could be for giving corporations so much power.
Wait, the chip in my head just went off. There's a slogan implanted in my mind and I can't stop repeating it: "GE: We bring good things to life."

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