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Monday, May 28, 2012

Fuku radioactivity in tuna caught off San Diego

But it's still safe to eat. Don't worry.

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Maybe soon our milk will stay fresh longer if we keep it next to a can of tuna? Now that would be Green.

Safe? So is the seafood from the Gulf?
What is left that hasn't been ruined?

Not much!
Up here in Canada the fish farms are reporting out breaks disease. The fish farms off Bainbridge Island are destroying all of their infected fish.
Still want to eat "farmed salmon"?

Sorry Charlie.

I don't buy farmed salmon - Copper River, yes, and occasionally buy from Indians at Cascade Locks.

My family took all fish off the menu almost two years ago. I expected a huge adjustment and psychological trauma (particularly giving up tuna!) but it was a total breeze. Nothing to it. So many big changes are negative and painful that it's kind of cool when change is positive and easy.

Dang it I like tuna. So what is there to eat now? I mean I have the produce thing down, I work with an organic farm. Guess I'll start raising my own chickens again.

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