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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fuku radiation worries?

There's an app for that.

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Well now we have:

> Flight attendants and Alaskan residents with their hair falling out.

> Tuna in Mexico full of radiation

> Milk in the Midwest with higher than normal levels of radiation

> Officials still telling us everything is fine

> And Tokyo?

Pray for Godzilla. They can't white wash or spin that.

I am thinking of getting a detector for fishing this summer. Anyone not checking their Salmon this year is unwise.

A survey meter is ONLY useful if you know how to correctly interpret the information, based upon the detector type, the geometry of the measurement, and the isotope being measured.

If the salmon are radioactive I would be concerned with those dying on the river banks after they spawn, but I don't think they migrate past Japan, like the tuna, so I doubt they would be absorbing any I-131 from the Japanese Reactors.

Yeah? I was more wondering about what they eat. That's how you absorb things into the food chain. Osmosis is not the main method of contamination. I could be wrong.

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