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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

FBI sniffing around Jamie Dimon

Oh man, if ever there was a perp walk that we'd like to see...

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Hmmm...does he use the defense that he was King Log or that he was King Stork. Either way, we can only hope to see him frog-marched like Jim Bakker, bawling his beady little eyes out, any day now.

Schadenfreude aside, there is little satisfaction in washing that one bug that got trapped in the kitchen sink down the drain. When you turn out the lights the multitude of little glowing eyes watching you are pleased that the distraction has worked.

Don't you worry, Merkley has Dimon in his sights.

Of course, Jeff has trouble managing his 4 rental units and he'll get shot down by Chuck Schumer (Mr Wall Street) and the other two senators from NY. And Obama's friends and GE and Warren Buffet.

Don't you worry.

I don't recall that there was this much fuss over Jon Corzine's MF Global's disappearing $1-billion-plus. Maybe some of you experts can explain why JP Morgan's $2-billion dollar investment loss was not somebody else's gain.

Cros, there was that much of a fuss at first, and then most of the story was buried once the investigation started. Part of the problem was that most of Corzine's stunts were hard to follow unless you were already intimately familiar with them, and the other was that you could practically see editors' eyes glazing over. "Bored now: now what about Kim Kardashian's ass?"

I'd like to hear some outrage about the folks who took the $2B from JP Morgan. By golly, those folks must be nasty 1%ers. And I wonder if they pay their fair share of taxes. If they don't donate that $2B directly to Barry's election fund then they are bad, bad people.

That 2B got distributed around to all sorts of mutual funds, pensions, money market funds, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, etc.

Hell some of it even ended up in another JPMorgan Mutual fund (Strategic Income Opportunities Fund).


The good news is that SIOF is supposed to act independent of the parent because it is investing client monies and it did.

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