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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Even "Onward Oregon" hates new Portland "urban renewal" scam

The Jefferson Smith outfit (one of his many facades) sounds off on the proposal here.

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Funny stuff indeed. Onward Oregon had a call to action
against the Clackistani urban renewal revolt.

Two different animals, Clackamas Co Urban Renewal and Portland URA's.

If they want to start any news URA's, they first must retire two current areas and provide a planning document to the public for comment before voting.

The Urban Renewal scheme is out of control. PSU, really? There are many new buildings going up in the area as we speak. They are bleeding the County and many of my favorite services for the sake of the few things government actually does right.

Scour the "Onward Oregon" site, and I don't think you'll find a person's name. Lots of links that would seem to take you to a page where real people are listed, but they're circular. No names at all. "We're anonymous, trust us."

Yes, but when you read the inane prose, there is no doubt whatsoever. It's the Bus People -- kind of like the Pod People.

Today is absolute last chance for public testimony on Sam's pet urban renewal area ...


Smith, and his Bus Project crowd, remind me of the prototypical 19th century Snake Oil Salesmen.......and he's chosen the perfect place to sell his wares.

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