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Monday, May 7, 2012

Ellen goes all un-cuddly

This has definitely got an edge to it.

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Wow, that is harsh. Even more snarky than the bombs being thrown in the Nolan-Fritz race. I actually like Dwight a lot personally - he strikes me as a very honorable sort. Unfortunately, his close ties to Oregon's current AG are not going to help him in this race given how Kroger's tenure is ending.

Don't do Facebook. Don't care.

Of course, maybe this wasn't Ellen's doing. Could just be the angry potheads.

The angry potheads have been running some really snarky radio and TV ads. I thought those were supposed to be mellow folks.

Those of us who have known Ellen since her days in Eugene, or in her first days as a federal prosecutor in Portland know that Ellen has never been cuddly.

Her first husband would certainly agree.

Her TV ads are like the Mickey Mouse Club, with all the kids she's got on them.

I wasn't all that thrilled with Holton's aggressive marijuana busts or his use of the Lane Powell space, but the sleaze and dishonesty of Rosenblum's campaign are seriously ticking me off. Some of it may be her allies, but the free ad space in Willamette Week and the hasn't-been-in-an-Oregon-courtroom stuff were from her folks. My ballot's still unfilled-in on this one, but I'm leaning Holton.

You don't need FaceBook. There's a website too. And a quick glance at it - it's one page, so a quick glance is all that's needed - tells you this is most definitely an effort by the "angry potheads." Who have a right to be angry, IMO, tired pothead cliches notwithstanding. But I digress.

Elect Holton and you're getting another Kroger - a career politician using the Oregon AG's office as a steppingstone to bigger and better things. Like Kroger, he's another carpetbagger backed by big money, out-of-state interests. He left the U.S. Attorney's office, and immediately started working for Lane Powell's 'White Collar Criminal Defense' team. Their clients "are a who's who of corporations that regularly face prosecution for mortgage fraud, price-fixing, pollution, and violating worker's rights." 4 days after that, he announced his candidacy for Oregon AG. He refused to disclose in-kind campaign contributions from Lane Powell, attempting to circumvent reporting regulations until called on the carpet by Dan Meek.

Rosenblum's alleged transgressions pale in comparison.

Babs Roberts endorses Mary Nolan and Ellen Rosenblum. That, right there, is enough for me.

And Holton is endorsed by the OEA, SEIU, AFT, Mother PAC, Basic Rights Oregon and NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon. No judgements there, but if the only metric you use to elect a candidate is by who endorses him, why single one out?

Ellen's TV ads are funny and sad.

The one where she spouts off about prosecuting child abusers or child pornographers to the fullest extent of the law evinces a lack of understanding of the role of the Oregon AG in criminal prosecution.

Simply put, there is no role in criminal prosecutions for the Oregon AG unless and until directed by an Oregon Governor to initiate a criminal investigation.

Yet the ad will resonate with a lot of voters who really don't pay attention to how the state constitution and statutes are set up.

That's about par for the course.

The other ads that are sad and disappointing are from both Rosenblum and the pot heads, each jabbering about "state's rights" and Oregon's "power" to ignore federal law on drugs.

It reeks of the same crapola that John Calhoun was preaching in the 1840s about "nullification" and state's rights with respect to the slave trade.

Rosenblum and the pot heads need to really think through their jihad against Holton for doing what he was required to do as a federal prosecutor by AG Eric Holder and President Obama.

The same argument about state's rights advanced by Holder and Rosenblum justifies Arizona's immigration law enforcement policies, and the North Carolina state constitutional amendment regarding the definition of "marriage".

The potheads and Rosenblum, and their supporters, need to be real careful what they wish and argue for; they might get it.

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