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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Egan's ahead in Court of Appeals race

It's surprising news, but not bad news.

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Egan is a solid guy who represents real people 100 miles or so down south of Portland along I-5. He is a respected member of the trial lawyer community. He is a member of the bar who helps individuals in crisis day in and day out. P.I. attorneys aren't all a bunch of rich fat cats who make their living by arguing that their client's injury is reduced to a joke about "getting hit in the head by a ball peen hammer", or whatever. People are loyal to people who help them, and they could care less about fancy law firms and Harvard degrees, etc. I will be surprised if he doesn't win this one in the end because he's been out there doing good work and helping people for a long time.

He got two votes from our house.

Last time I checked, he was a judge and shouldn't be representing anyone. Court of Appeals judges don't represent people either. We need a judge with sophisticated and diversified experience to make well-reasoned decisions based on law and facts. That person is Tim Volpert.

That person needs to pick up 60,000 votes somewhere.

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